The Missionary Training Center

Week One
Classes are super busy. We learn lots and are teaching "mock investigators" with our teachers or other volunteers. I really can't wait to get out to the field. Two other guys in our district are going to San Jose, and the rest (including my companion) are going to Milwaukee. Today in the temple I did talk to an Elder leaving for San Jose at the same time, and he has 8 other Elders in his district going to San Jose. My district is a great group of elders. Very spiritual. Mostly from Utah haha. I'm just learning a lot about teaching and such here. My favorite is teaching our TRC investigator, who is a volunteer that we go visit in one of the buildings and teach. He is a Japanese guy that just loves to talk. We had a great discussion with him last time. We teach him again tomorrow.

Week Two
Wow can't believe I leave for San Jose in a week. The first few days took forever, and then the days flew by.
I've been learning a lot, but can't wait to get to the field. An Elder in our zone from San Jose says that President Watkins (Church mission leader in San Jose) is a racing enthusiast and that he still has two kids at home.

- James

Hey, this is James' brother Brian speaking now. Sorry there's not much here, but James hasn't had much time to write e-mails and only wrote to out family, so I took some snippets out of those. He's leaving for San Jose this Wednesday. Then he'll have a new address to write to, and he'll have more time to write stuff for the blog. But he's doing great and really exited to get out to California! I'll probably have something to post on here next Monday.