Big Changes.

So this week brought about some big changes. I now have a new companion. His name is Elder Suzuki and he is a cool guy. He is a vietnamese speaking elder, but since there is only one vietnamese branch, they cycle some of the Elders into the english program. Another change is that we have a car now. Good old silver malibu. Also,we are zone leaders in fremont... Yes I was suprised too. I got a call last friday to come up to the new leader meeting and the rest is history. It will be a good oppurtunity to serve and I've already got a large concept of what is required from watching Elder Miller Zone Lead back in Salinas. We've got a good group of missionaries and we are really going to work to turn around the "fremont stigma" that exists in the mission. Should be an interesting new chapter.

Things in our area are doing great. Elijah continues to do great, and he is on course for his baptism. He came to church this past week, so he has already been twice. He is doing great and is watching our example and the example of a guy in the ward who is putting his paper's in. Elijah has even talked about how cool it would be to serve a mission. He's a really good kid.

This week will be focused on finding new investigators. Outside of Elijah we have about 1 decently solid investigator and a bunch of shakey one. We will probably need to drop a few soon, since the just aren't  progressing.

The less active work still goes well. It has been tough lately since people have been going out of town though. Everyone will be back around mid-August.

This transfer will be great. I'm excited not only for our area, but for the whole zone. We're all working hard. President always talks about taking oppurtunities to up our game. Every new area, every new companion, and even every new transfer, we have an oppurtunity to reinvent ourselves and do even better than we did before.

-Elder Richards
Elder Mageno, My previous Zone Leader in Fremont. He is "dying" (going home) tomorrow.

My district.

The district "killing" Elder Mageno.

Elder Mageno breaks free.