Hello all. So this area has been set up nicely. We have two baptisms on the 4th, one on the 11th, and one on the 18th. Silaa is on the 18th. He's doing awesome. 

We started teaching an 18 year old girl this week. She is another student at Amador Valley. The youth here are catching the wave for sure. These priests are so much more prepared then I was, and it was only 3 years ago for me. They're doing amazing things. 

One of the counselors in the stake presidency invited us to a meeting that was for all the young men and young women's presidents in the stake. It was a planning meeting for an activity they plan on having. It will be giving youth real world missionary expiriences. They are assigned another youth as their companion and then they go into someone's home (be they Active, Less-Active, or even non-member) and have dinner and teach a lesson. We're doing a little bit of training with them before they teach. Then the following night, there will be a little fireside open mic thing for them to share their experiences. I think this will be super cool for the youth. 

The ward just sent out a missionary this week to Scotland/Ireland mission. We've been bringing him with us a lot to appointments and he'll make a great missionary. I'll have to bother him through email one of these weeks.

I could be transferred on the Tuesday after Mother's day. That will be less then a week before Silaa gets baptized. It won't be too bad, since I'll be able to come back for it. He could potentially meet the new Elder at his baptism. We'll see though. We had interviews this week with President and the only scenario I took off the table was to finish my mission here. So I'll either be here for 2 more weeks or 8 more and then move on to a short 4th area. He actually talked to me about getting things set for when I go home, which was weird. I'll get in to my BYU stuff this week and see what I need to do. I'd also like to try to have a job lined up when I get home, if that's possible, so keep your eyes out. Could be anything, I don't really care as long as it pays and they'll take me for the 3 months. Still a while until I get home, but if you can keep an eye open and maybe ask around that would be great.

Love you all, have a good week.

-Elder James Richards