So this past week, every day we were on a bike, it was over 100 degrees. This week, the high is 82 for the whole week. That's better.

This week was great. We taught a lady named Bernie on Saturday. It was our second lesson and we took a member that was perfect for her. They really hit it off and the member gave Bernie a ride to church on Sunday. It was great to have some investigators in Sacrament again. She's doing great and has questions, but has already had spiritual experiences and is searching. We're going to hopefully be setting a baptismal date on Wednesday. 

We continue to have tons of investigators. We decided to do the most patriotic thing ever on the 4th of July. Teach an African and a Mexican the gospel. So we did. There is a member here who is a refugee from the Congo. He set us up a lesson with his roommate and we were able to start teaching him. It is an exercise in listening, since the member speaks with a thick french/ African accent, and the investigator has a Mexican accent. We understand what they're saying... for the most part. 

This week we were also able to make a mini break through with an investigator we've been teaching for a while. She came to the 4th of July breakfast, so we were able to introduce her to Bishop and a few other members of the ward. We were also able to show her the chapel and commit her to come to church this coming week. She volunteers at an old folks home smack in the middle of our church time, so she'll be coming to the sacrament meeting of the ward after ours. It's tough, because volunteering is actually a mildly legitimate excuse. But she'll be there and we think church will help her a lot. 

We're doing good and working hard. Elder Son is doing great. He taught really well in our lesson with Bernie. It's amazing though that he graduated in 2013. I feel old in our apartment of an 18 year old, a barely 19 year old and a 19 year old. This is the first time I've felt old in my life. I was always the young one in school. It's different. 

Since Elder Parker left, I'm President's new bike fix it guy. I just picked up a fixie from the mission home that he wants me to fix. 

I'm going to get some clothing items today and a hat for my birthday gift to me. I have some cash, so I shouldn't dip into the card too much, if at all. I need some short sleeve white shirts. I fell on my bike the other day. I only got a 1 inch scratch on my hand as a result, but my handlebars ripped the pocket off of my shirt. I also need to conform to the new missionary dress and grooming standards. Note the Khakis and ditching of backpacks. We're hip now.

-Elder James Richards