To Sincerely Listen Again

Hello all,

This week has been great. We taught a ton of lessons, got some new investigators, but more importantly, got another baptism. Gina was baptized on the 12th (I voted for the 11th) and confirmed yesterday. She was nervous and anxious and excited before the baptism. After she was happy and calm. I love seeing the conversion people make. We use the words "convert" and "conversion" for a reason. When people accept the gospel it is an incredible change in their lives. They work to their baptism day and satan does so much to try to derail them, but when they make it, there is nothing sweeter. 
Yesterday I went to the outgoing fireside in San Jose. It was really cool. The missionaries leaving bare their testimony and there are some musical numbers. You can tell some of them are really scared to leave. I got to see a few missionaries that flew out with me and they are doing well. Next week we won't be the newest missionaries anymore. I'm almost done with my first transfer...
The apartment is a mission apartment, but it isn't too bad. I am always either eating leftovers or making some type of something. I don't really ever eat much frozen food. We always get a ton of bread for some reason... My backpack already ripped. A sister in the ward sewed it up for me. I figured mom would probably be disappointed I didn't know how to do it.
-Elder Richards

After the Baptism

Wild turkeys in Marina. We'll see if they are still there after Thursday...

Gina's Baptism!

My trainer, Elder Miller, and his two trainees