A good week.

So this week was pretty good, except for the fact that it incredibly hot. It cooled way down now, so all is well.
This week was one of, if not the best, this area has ever seen. Our work went way up. One reason that it was so down was because I replaced a missionary that went home, and he was very trunkie. Trunkie missionaries are always lazy and smug. It is wisdom that I haven't been placed with one because I would probably just end up making fun of him...

Anyway, we just got out of a lesson with one of our investigators, Brian. He's a cool guy, he just has somethings that he doesn't want to give up. We are working with him to get him reading and praying everyday, and coming to church weekly. Usually if they do those things, they only have to work out commandment keeping things for themselves. We are also going to try to use the temple, since we are only 20 minutes away.

One of the focuses now will be on finding. It will be a challenge in this area to find people to teach, but we'll work for it. Fun fact, I went from the highest baptizing stake in the mission to the lowest.

When we are done with it, it won't be the lowest. Lots of work to be done, but it should be good.
Not much more to report, but I'll have more good news next week.
Have a good week.

-Elder James Richards

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