Hola Hermanos

So this week was tough, but it was a good one. We were still able to hit a lot of our goals, and it is nice to know that we were able to keep going and not crumble under the pressure.
This week we picked up an interesting investigator. She is the mother of a guy who was baptized about 3 years ago. He is now working with his bishop in the singles ward to put his papers in for his mission. Pretty cool that he has decided to go. There is also another guy who is in the ward here who just turned 19. He is taking a break from his college football and puts his papers in soon. Lots of missionaries are leaving from Newark/ Fremont.
We are still working with Brian. We are going to invite him to be baptized today. Sometimes even if they don't bite on a date, the invite brings out tons of concerns, so it should help. Brian is a funny guy, and his childrens book and song are really taking off. He should have them published pretty soon.
This week was also our stake conference. The stake center here is huge. It was designed to hold 6-8 wards. Members have been telling me that there is another build a few minutes north of the mission border that is even bigger. Back in the day, Fremont used to be 2 stakes. Newark even used to have 2 wards. The conference was good. Elder Alan Packer came and talked to us. He talked about hearing the voice of the spirit amongst confusion and other influences. When we recognize it, we become familiar with it, so it is easier to pick out.
Other fun things, Elder Platt baptized a man that we started teaching in the last week I was there. He is an Iraqi that teaches arabic in the DLI in Monterey. They are killing it down in Salinas.
Hope you all have a good week with your summers.
-Elder Richards

our bbq yesterday with two of our investigators; Brian and Mike