This is the loudest library ever.

So I was happy when I heard to Heat won! I knew they were going to win while I was out here. Didn't get to watch, but I'm sure it was cool to see.
In other news, I busted up my ankle yesterday playing basketball. It swelled up nicely, and I had a lump the size of a small to medium orange protruding from my ankle. Bummer was, it happened in about the 3rd game, so I didn't get to play much. It is fine now, and I was on the bike at the end of the night yesterday. I'm only hobbling a little bit now.

This week was the week of teaching Less actives. All of our investigators decided to be sick or work an un-godly amount of hours this week. So, we made up for it by teaching a ton of Less-Active lessons. We found a really nice family to teach. They are very recently married, both members and both just kind of got out of the routine of going to church. He is actually a returned missionary. We have dinner with them tomorrow. We are going to try to help him remember the times he had on his mission, and help him see how necessary the gospel still is to him and his family. This area has so many RMs and people that have been through the temple that are less active. In my last area, there were 3 less actives that were Elders. Here there are so many. It is kind of scary. It makes you realize that enduring to the end really should be to the end, not just a mission or the temple or a sealing.

Our district is doing well so far this transfer. Right now, it is incredibly young. There is only one missionary over a year, and Elder Howard and I are the next longest out. One elder has been out 2 transfers and is training a new elder. It is kind of nice though, because everyone is willing to work. The Fremont stake is a very hard place to be a missionary, so work is required. All the members of the district have and are really bringing their area's up. It kind of is a testament to how far work and attitude can go in a tough area.

Well, have fun this week. Thanks for the love and support.

-Elder James Richards