So this week went great. Elijah's Baptism went as planned. The font was small and he is so tall, so Samson had to dunk him 3 times. It all worked out in the end though. He had a great expirience and was really happy. He's doing well and we are seeing him tonight. He is excited to go to seminary this year. He isn't real excited to wake up that early though. He was also interviewed for the Priesthood on Sunday. His mom was there for the baptism and the confirmation and she is really nice. She liked the service a lot. We are going to see if we can start teaching her soon.

Richard seems to be doing well. He is out of town for 3 days right now, but he was in church on Sunday. He is doing great. The only thing we worry about is coffee. He is an avid coffee drinker, so it might be tough for him to give up. We feel like he is in a place where he has the faith to work on it though.

Also in church yesterday was Samson's friend Hunter. He's an awesome guy, and he has already been to church 4 times in Arizona. We're going to try and start teching him this week as well.  There were also 3 less active members there that we teach that haven't been since I've been here, so we were excited to see them too. There really are some awesome things happening here.

The zone is doing well too. As of right now, the Fremont stake isn't the lowest baptizing in the mission (yay!). We had a few this last weekend, and everyone is working hard to make things happen. There are still a few companionships that struggle, but we're working with them and trying to help them. We've found some more service things for the zone too. Most of our service comes from community projects that are reccurring, like handing out food at the Salvation Army. This lets us serve with people from the community. It also helps us have things to bring investigators too. We had a great time serving with Richard last week.

Everything is going great here. 

-Elder Richards
Elder Richards, EJ, Samson, and Elder Suzuki

Everyone "beating up" Samson