We're dry here.

So this week was kind of tough, but ended really well. We weren't able to see Richard at all, and he skipped church. We're a little worried about him, but he can still make his September 8 date. We are worried about the word of wisdom, since he loves coffee. We've been praying that he'll be prepared to hear it and know it is from the Lord.

Elijah is doing great and starts seminary tomorrow. He's excited to go. He also received the Priesthood yesterday and will be bless the sacrament this coming week, which is really cool. The ward is excited to have two priests now. Also, Samson is waiting on his mission call, and it should come sometime next week. I joke with him that he is going to Ft. Lauderdale, Spanish speaking.

One great thing that is going on, is that the ward loves us. We're getting dinners on dinners now and referrals are even starting to come. Even with all the fall throughs this week, members are still jumping at the chance to help us out with things. It's pretty cool.

On Sunday this week we got in to see a less active member named Nicole. She is a young mother and joined the church while she was married to her Ex-Husband. He was born into the church, but wasn't active, and was in the military. Nicole was baptized while living in Texas while he was on tour in Iraq. It was pretty amazing to hear her talk about all the experiences she had, even trying to drag her long-time member husband to church while she was a convert of a few months. She is currently living with her new husband and her kids, an 11 year old who hasn't been baptized, a 7 year old, and a baby girl. She is a woman of faith and hopefully we'll be able to help her get back in the routine of church.

We were able to help the zone in different capacities this week too. There is one companionship that is really struggling. They are great Elders, but their area is very hard. It is a very small area, and ward, with about 70 active members in it. It is purely residential, which makes street contacting kind of tough.  We were able to go on an exchange with them and help lift their spirits a bit. The Elder that I went with is from Vanuatu, and so on top of all his normal missionary struggles, he's learned English in the field. The companionship has been doing great though in the past few days, and I am glad we were able to have a successful exchange with them. Right now I am on an exchange in the Deaf Branch, so I'm learning some sign today.

Hope everyone is OK after the TS.

-Elder Richards