So you're not a member?

This past week the zone went nuts. We now have 9 people comitted to be baptized and 1 was baptized on Saturday. To give you a context the zone has 14 baptism YTD. We're looking at a HUGE December. It really is the missionaries here excercising faith. All of a sudden, two companionships have positioned themselves very well to hit the 3 baptism by the end of the year goal. Other companionships (including us) can get it with a small amount of digging. In a week's time, that goal went from lofty, to very attainable. It is pretty neat how inspired goals can work. We're working hard to get all those people that have comitted to the waters, and working hard to find more.

This week I went on a split with the spanish Elders, since one of them was sick. We were able to invite that investigator to be baptized, and she said yes. She actually walked 2 miles to get to church last Sunday. She is impressive and is really trying to follow Christ. I'm understanding a decent amount of spanish. When asked me where my jacket was I was able to respond. Pretty cool.

As far as our own area goes, we've had some great success this week. Yesterday, we met with a Tongan young woman named Sharon. She has been in church the last 3 weeks, and we all thought she was a member... She decided to start going because her grandparents were originally members. She grew up Methodist. She loves going to church and loves YW. Our WMLs wife is actually a young woman leader, so we taught her at their house last night. We invited her to be baptized and she accepted for December 8th. Thats a week after transfers, so if I end up getting moved, I'll have to come back for the baptism. She was excited though, so it's pretty cool.

We also had a member refer us to her friends, two Philipino women. One is older, and barely speaks english, and one is middle aged, but really felt the spirit. She's excited for our next lesson. Our ward mission leader gave her a ride home, and she told him that she felt terrible that whole day, and when she talked with she felt better. We'll invite her to be baptized again this next lesson, and we really feel like she'll say yes.

Soo this week was good. I got Mom's card today, but haven't had a chance to read the letter yet, so thank you. Check out There is supposed to be a huge internet campaign rolling out soon.

Happy Thanksgiving

-Elder James Richards