We're here to Just Serve.


So this is late because we had some unplanned service. We were walking out of district meeting at a church in Fremont and someone came up and asked if they could park their moving truck there because it didn't fit in the apartment complex they were moving the person in to. They were going to just UHaul it into the complex. We said they could park there and ask if they needed help. They said yes, and so four of us helped them move stuff from their big truck, to the smaller uhaul, and then into the guy's apartment. It was weird, for as many times as I've helped people move, I've never helped a professional moving company. It went really smoothly. We invited the man that moved in to the ward that he would be in and he said he would go. He was grateful. The people from the moving company also insisted on paying us or buying us lunch or donating to the church, so we just gave them the Bishop's number so they could work that out. Pretty cool service opportunity. And that is why this Email is late.

This last week was good. On Saturday, we were having an awful day. No one liked us, and no one let us in, etc. We were as Job. We then went and visited a less active member we hadn't really planned on. She let us in and her 14 year old son who is not a member was there. We taught him a lesson and invited him to be baptized and he said yes! It went from a bad day to a good day very quickly. His name is Nick and he's a good kid. He splits a lot of time between his dad's house and his mom's so we can only teach him on the weekends.

Samson is getting ready to go on his mission and is going to the temple on Friday. I'm proud of the kid. He's had more opposition than anyone and he could have easily not gone. It's been cool to help him in his prep. Kind of like our elders helped me out.

Thanks for all the mail, sorry this is short, but we've got to get some stuff done before dinner.

-Elder Richards.