What Service?

So we picked up the coolest service ever this week. There is a nonprofit bike shop in our area that President Watkins got us in with. We fix low income and homeless people's on Saturday mornings. They have a big warehouse and they have tons of donated bikes and parts and such. They sell the donated bikes to fund the shop. They have every tool you could ever need. It's some good expirience too. I've learned a lot of fixing bike while I've been out here, so it's cool to be in a shop setting. I'm beginning to think that Elder Parker and I got put together so that we could fix everyone's bikes. President has 10 that he ordered that he wants us to assemble.... haha

This week was a good week for us in Cherry. We picked up two new investigators and got a ton of referrals. As much as previous missionaries shot this area in the foot, it's doing well. Elder Parker has done a good job building it, and the ward was excited when the missionary that I replaced left. We are teaching an older couple who's son joined the church a few years ago. They want to know why their son joined. They are a great family and are actually searching. We taught the plan of salvation last week.

Another one of our investigators come from a part member family. The husband was baptized when he was about 17 and fell away shortly after. Recently, he has started to come back and he's been on fire. They come as a family every week. She's still kind of searching, but she is so close. We just need to help her get there. 

This area is pretty neat. We have most of downtown San Jose. The downtown isn't really that big. It feels Ft lauderdale-esc. The city itself is huge because it just spreads out. It comes with a lot of crazys though. We taught a guy who smoked one to many joints in his younger days. It was amusing. We probably won't go back haha. Such is city life. 

-Elder James Richards