So this is being sent today due to a scheduling snafu involving us putting together some sister bikes for President and an ill-planned pday trip to Santa Cruz via bus yesterday. Pretty cool, a bus leaves from our area and it's pretty much nonstop. A fun day was had.

This week was a good week. We're really starting to gain the trust of our members, which is great. Since there has been a history of lackluster missionaries in the area, gaining the support of members seems to be a larger struggle then usual. It's going well though. Our ward mission leader and Bishop seem to be taking a sigh of relief. 

This week we had an interesting phone call from a woman wanting to be baptized. We talked to the 2nd counselor in the bishopric, who had talked to her, and he said she had contacted the bishopric about money. We still went to teach, we had our guards up though. In the lesson, she seemed very sincere and really did want to learn about the church. She has a sister that is a member in our ward. She's trying to get out of an abusive relationship now and get on her feet. She was pretty banged up. We set a pretty optimistic baptismal date, and left feeling good. She missed church though, and our appointment last night, so we're a little concerned. I'm so tired of getting the run around from people. We'll see how it goes.

We're working on finding some solid investigators. We have a pretty decent sized pool, but a few are getting close to being dropped. 

This Monday and Tuesday, Elder Echo Hawk will be conducting a mission tour. We'll be meeting with him on Monday, so next week's email will probably be on Tuesday as well. 

-Elder James Richards