Echo Hawk. Echo, echo, echo...

So yesterday was our mission tour with Elder Echo Hawk. Has been a seventy for less time then I have been on my mission. That was odd to think about. He talked a bit about his Quarterbacking days at BYU. He was also a secretary of Indian affairs in the Obama administration. His talk focused on how the Lord calls us to do things at sometimes in opportune times. It is up to us to answer the call. He also talked a lot about his conversion as a teenager.

This past week was good. One of our investigators is in HI for 4 weeks. She is getting so close. He husband is a member. He was less active until about 4 months ago. Now he's on fire. We invited her to be baptized and we really feel like she would have accepted if she wasn't leaving. We've still got a few concerns, but she's getting close. 

We've got a few potentials. Our bishop told us to look out for a mother and daughter that were coming to church. They were taught up in Redwood city, but moved down here. We didn't see them, so we're following up with our bishop this week. We also gave a blessing to a Less Active member that will be moving into our ward soon with her non-member husband and kids. She has cancer and talked about how she wanted to come back and that her husband was interested. 

Yesterday the Elder Echo Hawk meeting ended up being in Salinas. It was so weird to be back in that chapel over a year later. It felt like I was coming home. I could help but reflect on all the events that happened there. It was pretty cool to be back.

Week was good. 

-Elder James Richards