Apostolic Guidance

Yea we had just as many appointments fall through this last week. We scheduled a ton yesterday at church, so we can afford to have a few fall through this week. This we still a good week though.

One Tuesday we got to go up to San Jose and hear Elder L. Tom Perry speak to us. Elder Maynes of the seventy also spoke, and Elder Packer, the area authority, was there as well. Elder Perry spoke about using the media coverage to our advantage, even if it is negative coverage. He also spoke about how amazing it is that we have so much access to priesthood in our day. For the majority of the time, the Melchizedek priesthood has either not been on the earth, or reserved for prophets. Today we have to ability to have that power and authority in our homes. He also spoke about using and aiding the ward in everything, especially the ward council. I also got to see Elder Miller and we took a "family picture." My "brother" is training this transfer as well. 

The other great moment from this week was that we started teaching a family. Mom, Dad, 11 year old and 1 year old. We gave them a chapel tour and talked about what we do as missionaries. We are going to their house to teach them the restoration on Tuesday. They already know a family in the ward and that will be a big help. 

Yesterday I also had an exercise in following the spirit. When we were planning on Saturday night, the name of one sister popped in to my head as a back up. I had only visited her once in my whole time here. We put her down. Then on sunday, sure enough, our appointment fell through. We went to visit and had a great lesson and I was able to give her a blessing. She is older and has a lot of health issues. I felt guided as I gave the blessing and then immediately after is was over she said that she felt better, and it didn't really hurt to breath anymore. It made me think back to Elder Perry's talk and I was glad we have so much access to the priesthood and that I am able to hold that priesthood. Miracles happen everyday as a missionary. 

Good luck this week.

-Elder James Richards