A Boxer and a Baptism

This week was a good week. We found a new investigator from our
contacting efforts. His name is Frank. He is a 71 year old black guy
who is a former boxer. He is awesome. We invited him to be baptized on
the 28th of April and he accepted. He is a real character. He tells us
stories of the hood in Oakland and LA and how he fought people like
Ali and Fraser in the ring. He's been all over the world boxing. We
taught him about the gospel of Christ and taught him about increasing
his faith. We are going back to teach him on Wednesday and Sunday, and
he is coming to a session of conference as well. It is funny that you
wrote about the Ft Lauderdale ward last week, because Frank reminds me
of one of the converts that went up to the temple with us when I rode
the bus up with Dad. I can't remember his name though...

For this coming week, we are going to be busy. We have a baptism
between sessions of general conference. This is another part-member
family and the husband will be baptizing his wife. It is really cool
to be able to help these families on their way to being an eternal
family. We are very excited and have been teaching them since early
December, and they have been strong and faithful the whole time. They
will be a part of the "real growth" that general authorities have been
talking about.

Well this is the start of my last transfer in Salinas. Not quite ready
to leave yet, but it is a ways away. This will be a good transfer.

-Elder James Richards