Keeping Busy.

This week was a great week.

This past Saturday the baptism went smoothly. Crystal was baptized by
her husband Ian. Ian's family are Utahans transplanted to Hong Kong,
and there were many people in town for the baptism. This was another
opportunity to help a family start on their way to being an eternal
family. They have two young sons. Ian fell away from the church in his
early college years, but felt a desire to return as his family started
to grow and they knew they were missing something. We were able to
teach them and they were golden from the start. Now the temple is in
their sights.

Speaking of the temple, this week is the week that CA-SJM missionaries
get to go up to the Oakland temple and do a session. Normally it is
the week before conference, but this past week was transfers, so we
are doing it this week. It will be a good experience to be able to go
up there and go inside and feel the spirit there. The grounds of the
Oakland temple are absolutely beautiful. We are also blessed to have a
temple so close here. The temple is about 2 hours away and we are the
stake that is the furthest south. We are also blessed to be able to
use the temple, even though it is out of the mission boundaries. If we
couldn't, it would really stink for all of the missionaries up north,
where the temple is literally 20 minutes away from them.

This week was a very good week. We continue to teach Frank the boxer.
We learned that his career was cut short when he got into a bad car
wreck, injuring his back. He has some bitterness and resentment
towards certain people, and he knows he has to change. He is a very
nice guy. His baptismal date is for the 28th of April and we are
moving for that date. We were also able to get in and teach a
less-active brother who hasn't been to church in a long time, and
hasn't met with missionaries in about 2 years.

We figure I have about 5 weeks left in Salinas. Transfers are the
second week of May. That will mark 7 and a half months in Salinas. I
would be fine with staying, but president probably won't keep me here.

Thanks for the package.

-Elder James Richards