We Ride!

So this week, there were some big changes in Salinas. We are now a car share with the Salinas 1 Elders. This past week we were on bikes. The coming week we will be in the car. Our area isn't too bad for bikes. It has been a bike area in the past, and there are a ton of bike paths that interconnect different neighborhoods that are usually difficult in a car. It was fun this week and we were able to plan effectively and keep our numbers up. My little Fuji road bike with new tires also did well. I am liking that purchase more and more as time goes on. I bought it off an Elder that went home in feburuary for ~140. It has been worth it.

In other news, we went up to Elder Miller's outgoing fireside last night. This is his last full week in the mission. We took up a bunch of recent converts and an investigator. The members also came in force. In addition to Elder Miller, and Elder that started in
Salinas two years ago was going home. I thought about how that is me in 17 months. Too soon.

This is the last week of the transfer, and we are pretty certain I am getting moved, since I have been here for ever. Also means I am done training this week. Elder Platt has been doing great, and I've really had him plan and take the lead in most everything. He'll do great with the area after I leave. It will be sad to leave the investigators we have now. There is a family that is really moving forward. They really like us. This week's goal is to get them a baptismal date. Since they offered, we are trying to get them to take us out to dinner on Cinco de Mayo. That way, we can be sure the father doesn't drink. Cinco de Mayo should be an expirience here....

-Elder James Richards