A serviceable week.

This week was great. Our numbers are up, our investigators and less actives and recent converts continue to improve, and we continue to grow as missionaries.

One of the great things that came about this week was getting in to see a family that we haven't seen in a bit. Turns out they are still interested, they were just busy. Most of the time when people tell us they are busy, they usually aren't, they just don't want to see us anymore. Not the case with this family. We also helped them with their yard on Saturday morning. Service really has been a great way to get to know people better. Working with people really helps them know we actually do care for them. This week will be a big service week too.

This week we took full advantage of the ward mission process. We went on splits with the ward missionaries. Not many wards/areas can support splits with ward missionaries, but we were excited since this is the first time we've done it. It was also successful which is always good. Our ward has also concentrated on revamping home teaching. It will be a huge help, especially with our recent converts in giving them responsibilities and fellowship. This is an amazing ward and they really work to help us out. When the ward works with the missionaries, and vice-versa, big things get accomplished.

This coming week is week 11/12 for training. Elder Platt gets to take the lead in planning and teaching this week. It is going to be a good week. We have a lot of things planned already and lots of service. Elder Miller's outgoing fireside is also this sunday, and a helping hands project for us, while the recent converts go up to the temple on Saturday. I love having a temple so close here. It is funny to hear some members complain. It is about half the distance of our house to Orlando.

Have a good week.
-Elder James Richards