Drinking from a fire hose.

This was a great week. We had a good time at the temple. It was cool
to be able to go through the Oakland temple. It is an old school one
that was recently renovated. I was able to learn a lot this time, and
pick up on things that I had never even thought of before. It is
amazing how we can do that in the scriptures, the temple, patriarchal
blessings, and other things. You can read/go over and over again and
never know it all. I also noticed the clarity I have when I am in the
temple. I can sit and pray for a long time, and my mind doesn't wander
to other things. It is focused and razor sharp. The spirit brings an
incredible clarity. Only bummer is that I have to wait another 6
months before I can go inside again.

Other fun news about the temple, Our investigator's wife will be going
through the temple! This is another part member family, and she was
less-active for a while and has been active ever since I have been
here. It has been a long road back, and she is really excited to go.
We can go up to the temple with investigators, so we'll be able to be
up there with her husband, Jason, on the grounds and the visitors'
center. We are just glad we will be able to make it up there for it.
It's too bad we can't go in for it, but we can still be there. It has
been amazing to see these two grow. We started teaching them way back
in October. I am excited.

Frank continues to do well. He missed church, and he needed to go to
make his baptismal date of the 28th, but that was probably optimistic.
Frank will get baptized, it will just be a little later. He is a great
guy and has been reading the Book of Mormon consistently. I hope I can
be in the area when he gets baptized. If not, I'll just have to come
back for it.

I've been in Salinas now for exactly 6 months. I have about another
month at least. I'll probably be moved in early May when the next
transfer period is. Hopefully I stay though. I love Salinas, and the
Monterey stake is the best in the mission. Collectively, we have 19
baptisms this year and are leading the mission. It is the place to be.
Also, this ward is incredible. All the leaders do great work and help
us out a ton. It will be sad when I have to leave.

Sounds like Savior of the World production went well, that was probably a great
missionary opportunity. I've really been diving in to the New
Testament lately. Lots of great things that I'd never got before. I've
never read through the whole New Testament, so that is one of my

Glad to hear you are all doing well.

-Elder James Richards.