A Big Week

So this week was a testament to goals. We set our monthly goals, and
the past two weeks have been hard, so we needed to put up some big
numbers in the last two weeks of March to make our goals. So we did.
It was great to see the Lord help us in our work as we worked as hard
as we could. Elder Platt is learning a lot and he started driving last
week. It is funny to watch his driving get a bit more aggressive as he
goes from small town driving.

It has been really interesting to teach one part member family that we
do. The husband is what some might classify as the  "eternal
investigator." If we were to look at him and try to teach all the
lessons in preach my gospel and get him to do the commitments that are
there, we would fail. We have really had to rely on inspiration and
teach more then the standard lessons. Slowly, but surely though, he is
changing. His faith is increasing and he professes a belief in God.
Sometimes people just take time. We have to be patient with them and
keep going. Everyone runs at their own pace. We just had to help them
run in the right direction.

Sorry I don't have much to write this week, but I am doing well.

Love you all,

Elder James Richards